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Jeff Pearlman may have correctly portrayed Walter Payton as a flawed man off the field, but for those of us die-hard Bears fans who watched him play in the 1980s, it doesn't matter. Payton will always be like Laffy Taffy: nothing but Sweetness.

Russ Cranson, Oak Island, N.C.

After reading the excerpt from Pearlman's book about Payton (The Hero No One Knew, Oct. 3), I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. Not because some of the mystery of Payton's life was exposed but because someone felt the need to expose it.

David Dube, Raleigh

Why do people always think that the personal life of a beloved celebrity is exempt from scrutiny? Reading about Payton helped me understand that with great success and stardom often come skeletons and insurmountable hurdles.

Alex Kruger

Harrisburg, Pa.

I was struck by the use of the word hero in reference to Payton. Many of the behaviors attributed to him in Pearlman's book seem contrary to anything that could be considered heroic. Was Payton a gifted athlete? Without question. However, there is a difference between someone who constantly abuses his physical gifts and someone who uses his gifts to set a positive example and lead a life well lived.

Steven W. Whitehead

West Des Moines, Iowa

State of Mind

I was pleased to see SI's coverage of Sidney Crosby's head injuries (Getting Inside the Head of Sidney Crosby, Oct. 3). Your article accurately highlights the importance of comprehensive neurological assessment and rehabilitation for brain injuries while also validating the sentiments of those of us who have suffered head trauma and have often been mistreated. However, I was a little dismayed by Dr. Henry Feuer's criticism of Ted Carrick's methods of treating Crosby through chiropractic neurology. Instead of discounting Carrick's work, Feuer should take Carrick's methods in perspective and consider the value they could have for future neurology research teams.

Margaret L. Watt-Morse, M.D.


Brotherly Love

Thanks so much for Gary Smith's tremendous story on Phillies Nation (We're in Baseball Heaven, Oct. 3). It was great to finally read an article about my hometown that didn't mention Philadelphia fans' rude behavior—hurling snowballs at Santa Claus or cheering Michael Irvin's neck injury. What your article portrayed was the true essence of Philadelphia sports fans: diversity and passion.

John Poling



Phil Taylor's POINT AFTER column in the Sept. 19 issue incorrectly stated that Cam Newton's father, Cecil, solicited payments from Auburn. In December 2010 the NCAA declared that Cecil had asked for money from Mississippi State in exchange for a letter of intent from Cam, who wound up signing with Auburn. Last week the NCAA concluded its investigation into Auburn's football program and ruled that there was no proof that Auburn paid Cam or his father for Cam's services.




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The best part of the Cardinals-Rangers World Series will be ...

Shawn Thomas Owens: The massive amounts of offense that will be put up by both teams. Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman, David Freese and Matt Holliday vs. Adrian Beltre, Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli? This could be a real home run derby.

Joseph Dennhardt (@JosephD_19): Cruz going yard. Dude hit six home runs in six games during the ALCS. There's no one hotter with the stick right now.

Kevin J Maldonado: Watching Pujols hitting more homers than Cruz and Beltre combined.

Jared Leachman: I don't know about the best but the worst part will be having to listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver call the game for their favorite team, the Cardinals.

Devan Dignan: Watching Nolan Ryan hold up the World Series trophy for the Rangers as Pujols walks off the field in a Cardinals uniform for the last time.

Ryan Tyndall: That there will be no Yankees, Red Sox or Phillies involved.