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1. I think I have never seen a team disintegrate faster after losing one player than the Colts without Peyton Manning. We knew the offense would struggle, but the defense is on pace to give up more than 500 points. Where's the pride? Where's the we're-not-going-to-take-it line drawn in the sand? I can't imagine how coach Jim Caldwell can survive November, never mind the season.

2. I think, to follow up, that I would never, ever vote for Manning as the 2011 MVP—though this season clearly shows how valuable he is to the Colts. If you're not on the field for one snap the entire season, how on earth can you be the MVP?

3. I think I'll disagree with the second-leading pass catcher of all time, Tony Gonzalez, on one thing. The Falcons' tight end, who has 1,104 career catches, with only Jerry Rice ahead of him (445 catches ahead), said, "Trust me, Jerry Rice will never be caught." Why not? The league's an air show now. With reliable receivers catching 100 balls a season as a matter of course, I believe I'll see a 1,600-catch receiver in my lifetime.