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1. I think the most underrated skill player in the NFL may finally get some pub. San Francisco running back Frank Gore is fifth in the league with 982 rushing yards. On Sunday he passed both Roger Craig and Joe Perry on the club's alltime NFL rushing list, and is the No. 1 rusher in the 49ers' NFL history.

2. I think the Texans don't want anyone but rookie T.J. Yates, a third-stringer who was forced into action because of injuries to Matt Schaub and backup Matt Leinart, playing QB. "We love the guy," said running back Arian Foster. "He's so much more confident than a rookie should be."

3. I think we're not going to know much about Peyton Manning's ability to play in 2012 until at least mid-February. He'll need at least two months to increase the strength in his arm to the point where he'll be able to throw for real.