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• Once again college sports is on the receiving end of a black eye thanks to boys behaving badly. Given their history of bad blood, both Xavier and Cincinnati should have been better prepared to exhibit more self-control. And how can Xavier justify a one-game suspension for Tu Holloway after he consistently spewed vitriol toward the Cincinnati bench?

Don R. Denton, Westerville, Ohio

You missed a key element in analyzing the brawl between Xavier and Cincinnati (X Marks Its Spot, Dec. 19): fan behavior. After previous incidents in which the student body chanted obscenities at the opposing team Xavier president Father Michael Graham vowed that he would take steps to preclude a recurrence. Still, at this year's game Musketeers fans were chanting "F--- UC, f--- UC," with no apparent reaction from security or school officials. When so much enmity builds up that fans become involved, I think it's time to drop the series.

David Freytag, Cincinnati

Love Him or Hate Him

I don't understand how praise is heaped upon an NFL quarterback who consistently fails to attain even mediocre stats. The Broncos are not 50% Tim Tebow and 50% divine forces (The Power of the Possible, Dec. 19)—they made the playoffs and beat the Steelers in the wild-card game because they refused to give up. I guess it will always seem like a miracle whenever Tebow fails to deliver for three quarters, then stumbles across the goal line for a win.

Chris Crawford, Woodside, N.Y.

Tebow may not be the most talented quarterback in the NFL, but who cares? He inspires his teammates and others around him to believe in themselves and perform at a high level. That counts for a lot.

Ron Caputo, Chandler, Ariz.

You left out a word that should be used to describe Tebow: lucky. He is nothing more than a glorified running back. Wait a year or two, after teams get used to seeing him in action. I doubt if anyone will still be praising him.

Anthony Composto

Groveland, Fla.

Shades of Brown

I worked with Mike Brown (What Can Brown Do for Them?, Dec. 19) last season while he was an analyst on ESPN and found him to be a class act. If being respectful, hard-working and honorable are qualities to be admired in a coach, then I think the Lakers will do just fine with Brown at the helm.

Bruce Bernstein

West Hartford, Conn.

The two pictures of Brown coaching are very telling. In both he is shown instructing his players. However, while the youngsters appear to be paying attention, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are both looking off into space.

Joe Antal, Rockford, Mich.




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Do you think Andrew Bynum is the key to the Lakers' success?

Chris Sanchez (@DodgerDawg77): Of course he is. Look at the Lakers' history of big men: Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal. The starting 7-foot center has always been crucial to Lakers' championship runs.

Christian Lavallee: I think he is way too injury-prone to be reliable down the stretch. After only six seasons his knees are already on the way out. I call it the T-Mac syndrome.

V. Outlaw Jr. (@DoodieOutlaw): The #Lakers need consistent productivity from their bench players more than they need Bynum. If Bynum is healthy, he is a force, but bench play is key.

Randy Williams: If he is the key to the Lakers' success, then they're in big trouble. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol play a much bigger role in the Lakers' success than Bynum ever will.

Coop DeVille (@CoopLFL360): Kobe will always be the key to the #Lakers' success. If he has an off-night, they aren't going anywhere. Bynum? They can win without him.