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Photograph by Robert Beck

SIT-DOWN STRIKE After trying to stop short of the goal line and take time off the clock, Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw fell backward into the end zone, reluctantly scoring the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis on Sunday (page 34). The Giants then held off the Patriots in the final 57 seconds to win their second NFL title in five seasons, 21--17.


Photograph by Simon Bruty

BACK IN MY ARMS AGAIN Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, who sacked Patriots QB Tom Brady twice four years ago in Super Bowl XLII, reintroduced himself during the third quarter of the rematch on Sunday. Tuck's harassment of Brady, which had led to a safety in the first quarter, was a key to New York's wins in both games.


Photograph by Al Tielemans

MANNING OF THE HOUR As confetti rained down on Lucas Oil Stadium after Super Bowl XLVI, everyone wanted to touch or photograph or talk to or get an autograph from Giants QB Eli Manning, who had just completed his eighth game-winning drive in the fourth quarter and won his second Super Bowl MVP award.