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Indianapolis fans are excited about their rookie QB, who has completed 62.5% of his passes in preseason play. Just don't ask him to sing.

DAN PATRICK:How does it feel when a coach plays your mistakes over and over again on video?

ANDREW LUCK:[Laughs.] You get used to it.

DP:What play have the coaches spent the most time on?

AL: It might have been the pick-six [against the Steelers in Week 2 of the preseason].

DP:Seeing you on the sideline after that play, you didn't seem too upset.

AL: I definitely wasn't happy. I tried to own up to my mistake, tried to show it was my fault and no one else's. Then you have to realize [another] series is coming up pretty quick after the extra point and kickoff. I have to make sure my mind is right to go out there and redeem myself.

DP:Have you been hazed?

AL: Besides having to sing Country Roads by John Denver, not too much.

DP:How did that go?

AL: It went awful.

DP:Why that song? Was it because your father, Oliver, played at West Virginia?

AL: I chose to sing Country Roads. I figured I'd sing a song I knew some words to.

DP:I thought players sang their school fight songs.

AL: Yeah, but Stanford's fight song is the rock song All Right Now. They gave me a free pass.

DP:When you do karaoke, is that your go-to?

AL: To be honest, I've never done karaoke in my life.

DP:You have to experience that.

AL: Obviously I'm not living.

DP:What advice would you have for USC quarterback Matt Barkley about going into the season a Heisman favorite?

AL: Realize it gets harder. It doesn't get easier. There's a misconception that if you come back for a year, the game's that much easier. Don't expect people to just lie down for you.

DP:What's the question you've gotten the most since you were drafted?

AL: In my situation you're going to get questions about Peyton [Manning] and the great impact he had on this franchise. It's to be expected.

DP:Do you get nervous before games?

AL: I definitely get nervous. It's a good thing. I wouldn't say I'm bugged out by any means. But to have a couple butterflies has always been normal.

DP:Is the speed of the NFL a lot different from the college game?

AL: Definitely a big jump. Especially the linebackers. In college, you get a tight end on the linebacker—at least at Stanford—that was a good matchup. Now, those linebackers can run, they can cover, they can do a lot of things.

DP:Explain what happened when you were scrambling and slid into the end zone against the Steelers.

AL: That was a terrible slide. I'm very glad they called it a touchdown.

DP:You know it wasn't a touchdown.

AL: [Laughs.] They called it a touchdown.

DP:I thought the defense was going to take your head off.

AL: I probably should have pitched it.

DP:The Colts will make the playoffs if ...

AL: If we win enough games to get into the playoffs.

DP:Oh, c'mon.

AL: If we take it week by week and play good football.

LSU wasn't winning when I went there. Michigan State wasn't winning when I went there. Toledo wasn't winning when I went there. And Alabama really wasn't winning when I came here. I guess I gotta go someplace else."

—NICK SABAN, Alabama coach, responding to Steve Spurrier's statement that every coach wins in Tuscaloosa



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