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1. I think that by the end of the season Houston's J.J. Watt will be the best 3--4 end in the NFL. He's only 23. After two games, his three sacks and five pass deflections lead all 3--4 ends.

2. I think that when we look back on this QB era we'll regard Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III as the tortoise and the hare. Luck: slow and steady. Griffin: blurring out to an early lead. Both will be successful, but if I had to take one for the next 12 years, I'd choose Luck because Griffin will be exposed to more big hits due to his strength as a runner.

3. I think that there's a small hope that all is not lost for the Saints, who have ceded 75 points under Steve Spagnuolo. In 2007, during his first two games as a coordinator, Spagnuolo's Giants allowed 80 points and started 0--2. They won their next six, allowing an average of 13 points a game, and won the Super Bowl. Now all the Saints have to do is trade for Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora.