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Photographs by Deanne Fitzmaurice (AT&T Park) and David E. Klutho (Comerica Park)

Dig the Long View Staging the World Series at spacious AT&T Park (top) and equally expansive Comerica Park (bottom) guaranteed two things: hard-earned home runs and spectacular panoramas. Giants and Tigers hitters might disagree, but two of baseball's most picturesque ballparks didn't disappoint.


Photograph by Mike Roeme/AP

Lambeau Peep Wide receiver Donald Driver should be used to getting up close and personal with the Green Bay faithful—on Sunday he became only the second Packer to play 200 regular-season games. (Brett Favre was the first.) Still, Driver got wide-eyed when he leaped into the stands after catching a four-yard touchdown in the Pack's 24--15 win over the Jaguars.


Photograph by Bill Frakes

Hair of the Dawg Florida-Georgia is the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, but for a minute Bulldogs defensive end Garrison Smith (56) might have been the groggiest person in Jacksonville last Saturday. Smith got his helmetless head wedged between an arm and a fist while tackling Trey Burton. It was the Gators who absorbed a knockout punch though: A 17--9 loss likely ended their national-title hopes.