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50. Hall of Fame speech: "Don't laugh...."

49. Making golf cool

48. A comedy of errors: MJ the G.M.

47. "Oh...." (The Other Michael Jordan ESPN ad)

46. Jay-Z: "Come back like Jordan, wearing the 4-5"

45. Number 45

44. The Bobcats' epic losing season

43. Those wardrobe choices

42. Air Force Jordan, his private jet

41. The costliest celebrity divorce (at the time)

40. To his draft pick Kwame Brown: "You better call me daddy"

39. Last hurrah: four-minute standing O in Chicago

38. Fadeaway J

37. His slam repertoire

36. Final All-Star Game appearance, 2003

35. Michael the Wizard

34. MJ the trash talker: "I hate being out there with those garbage men"

33. The Bryon Russell shot

32. Rivalry with Reggie

31. The Flu Game

30. The Mutombo finger wag—to Mutombo

29. $30 million a year

28.Space Jam

27. Winning the '96 title on Father's Day

26. 72--10

25. The double nickel at MSG

24. That tongue

23. Number 23

22. Relationship with Chuck

21. "I'm back"

20. Batter up

19. High-stakes gambling

18. "Be like Mike"

17. The Dream Team off the court

16. The Dream Team on the court

15. The shrug against Portland

14. The White House "is just like any other house"

13. The switched-hands layup against the Lakers

12. "Republicans buy shoes too"

11. Mars Blackmon

10. The Jordan Rules

9. The Shot

8. 1987--88 player efficiency rating of 31.89, highest in the modern era

7. It was "God disguised as Michael Jordan"—Larry Bird after MJ dropped 63 on the Celtics

6. Air Jordan I

5. The Trail Blazers pick Sam Bowie

4. Most frequent SI cover subject

3. The 16-foot jumper to beat Georgetown

2. The infamous high-school-varsity-basketball cut story

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