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Geno Smith went 60 for 64 at his pro day ... What does that mean?

Judging from the boffo reviews, West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith appeared positively pro-ready last week at the Mountaineers' pro day workout, completing an outlandish 60 passes in 64 attempts and exhibiting some nifty footwork. Is the top 10 now a given? Most likely, with teams such as the Jaguars (picking second), Eagles (fourth), Cardinals (seventh) and Bills (eighth) all doing their homework on him.

But as a reliable indicator of future QB greatness, the pro day has been a mixed bag. After all, throwing against only air in shorts does little to replicate game day. So while Smith dazzled reps from 29 teams, let's not forget LSU's JaMarcus Russell and Kentucky's Tim Couch, both of whom solidified their No. 1 status with impressive private workouts. A pro day workout is scripted and well rehearsed to cast a passer in the most flattering light, and there have been instances where the ball has barely touched the ground: Three years ago Oklahoma's Sam Bradford went a crisp 49 of 50. "All of these guys have really strong pro days now," said former Cowboys personnel executive Gil Brandt, now an draft analyst. "Sixty-something completions is commonplace. But I think everybody left there thinking [Smith] had a pretty good showing. Guys can really help themselves with a big pro day."