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Original Issue

Screen Passes

Scouting the lineup at the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival in New York City

Big Shot

The story of conman John Spano, who lied his way to franchise ownership in '96. Club's slack "vetting" process elicits many head-to-desk moments.

Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau

Surfing icon Eddie Aikau's passion for his Hawaiian heritage and his intrinsic heroism ultimately cost him his life at 31. Beautiful imagery does justice to a beautiful story.

Lenny Cooke

Wrenching doc on former blue-chip prospect who outranked Melo, Amar'e and some kid from Akron, Ohio. Bring tissues.

Let Them Wear Towels

Pioneering women sportswriters on discrimination in press boxes and locker rooms of the 1970s. Beware, former offenders: These scorned women are naming names.


Memorial to freestyle skier Shane McConkey, whose feats awe even his peers. Hilarity. Heartbreak.

The Motivation

Gets into the heads of eight pros prepping for the 2012 Street League skateboarding championship. Rich character development.