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A Ridiculously Short Oral History of ... A Swimsuit Model's Prom Date

On March 16, Jake Davidson, 17, of Sherman Oaks, Calif., posted a video on YouTube asking SI Swimsuit model Kate Upton to prom. When she couldn't attend, Nina Agdal stepped in.

NINA AGDAL: I had never been to prom before, so I didn't really know what was appropriate dress. I had American friends helping me—"This is prom; this is not prom." [Agdal is from Denmark.] I stepped out of the limo [at his house], and it was so exciting. He was so adorable and such a nice guy. I'm not going to lie—I think we both were a little nervous.

JAKE DAVIDSON:Nervous would be an understatement.

NA: After we said hi and gave each other a hug, it was pretty much just chill.

JD:My good family friend is from Denmark, and he gave me a couple things to say, but I said, "Hope you had a lovely evening" when we met instead of "Nice to meet you." It's not the easiest language.

NA: We did photos with the family, then we did the corsage thing. His family was so real and so cool.

JD:My dad was very excited to meet her. And my mom really liked her. I was amazed at how friendly she was.

NA: The prom was awesome. We had one slow dance.

JD:I'm not a very good dancer, and she doesn't like to dance.

NA: For me to go out there and get loose is something I don't do. I'm more like the girl in the corner.

JD:We talked about traveling, sports, food. It was like a normal date. Except she's a supermodel. I put her in her limo, we had a farewell hug, and I told her to hit me up any time she was in L.A.

NA: He handed me his business card when we left.

JD:I run a bunch of businesses [], so if Nina ever needed my services—electronic recycling, healthy energy, tutoring—or knew someone who did, she would have a card.

NA: Hopefully I will see Jake and his family again. They're such great people.

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