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Photograph by Richard Mackson for Sports Illustrated

Where He Was Then I Already a two-time Super Bowl champ, 49ers quarterback Joe Montana won his third, on Jan. 22, 1989, in style. Trailing the Bengals 16--13 with 3:20 to play in Super Bowl XXIII, Montana led San Francisco on a 92-yard drive that culminated in a 10-yard TD pass to John Taylor. What's Joe Cool up to these days? Turn to page 54 to find out.


Photograph by Sam Forencich/NBAE/Getty Images

Where He Was Then II Before he was hob-nobbing with dictators (page 48), Dennis Rodman was making a name for himself as one of the most energetic—and colorful—players the game has ever seen. Rodman (pictured in 1997) won seven consecutive rebounding titles, the longest run in NBA history.


Photographs courtesy of the athletes' families except: Larry Prosor (White); Courtesy of SportsNet (Donovan); Reuters (Lin); Bill Frakes/Sports Illustrated (Mannings); Frank Kaufman/North Baltimore Aquatic Club/AP (Phelps); Ken Levine/Getty Images (Williamses); Courtesy of Los Angeles Dodgers (Kershaw and Stafford); Courtesy of Gray & Company (James)

Where They Were Then 1 Lindsey Jacobellis 2 Shaun White 3 Stephen Curry 4 Roger Federer 5 Jimmie Johnson 6 Tim Lincecum 7 Ray Rice 8 Aaron Rodgers 9 Katie Smith 10 Chauncey Billups 11 Drew Brees 12 Carmelo Anthony 13 Lionel Messi 14 Eli (left) and Peyton Manning 15 Cameron Wake 16 Clay Matthews 17 Stephen Strasburg 18 Jeremy Lin 19 Zack Greinke 20 CC Sabathia 21 Landon Donovan 22 Tiger Woods 23 Brittney Griner 24 Ben Roethlisberger 25 Ray Allen 26 Phil Mickelson 27 Steve Nash 28 Michael Phelps 29 Dwyane Wade 30 Chris Paul 31 Andrew Luck 32 Russell Westbrook 33 Venus (left) and Serena Williams 34 Alex Rodriguez 35 Larry Fitzgerald 36 Jordan Staal 37 Eric Staal 38 Johnny Manziel 39 Cliff Lee 40 Paul Pierce 41 Kevin Youkilis 42 Tom Brady 43 Matthew Stafford (left) and Clayton Kershaw 44 Vince Wilfork 45 Martin St. Louis 46 LeBron James 47 Andrew McCutchen 48 Danica Patrick 49 Félix Hernàndez 50 Gabby Douglas 51 Abby Wambach 52 Michael Cuddyer 53 Rafael Nadal 54 Rajon Rondo