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Johnny Manziel's immature behavior is a perfect example of why freshmen should not be on the ballot for the Heisman Trophy. His brash display of arrogance and cockiness is exactly what college football does not need. These young players need to understand that with all the adulation and celebrity comes scrutiny, something Manziel is obviously not yet prepared to handle.

Patty Myers, Erie, Pa.

After reading Andy Staples's article on Manziel (Johnny on the Spot), I felt somewhat envious and a bit sorry for the kid. Manziel's situation reminds me of the old George Bernard Shaw quote, "Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children."

Paul Agathen, Washington, Mo.

I think Manziel's greatest sin so far is that he considers the rapper Drake to be his version of John Lennon. Other than that, he's just like any other immature 20-year-old who is trying to figure things out and live his life.

Andrew Nelson, Denton, Texas

Charlie's Still Hustling

Pete Rose's responses to Dan Patrick's questions (SCORECARD) were quite compelling. Rose is obviously a very astute person, one who still cares for baseball without holding any real grudges. He makes some very strong arguments about his lifetime ban and the current state of the game that I, like many other fans, agree with. After 24 years it's time to forgive and forget and reinstate him.

Dennis Kline, Irvine, Calif.

Mighty Ducks

My reaction to the pictures of Oregon's palatial Hatfield-Dowlin Complex (LEADING OFF) was to simply shake my head. It's a strong yet sad commentary on our country's entire education system. With hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on this type of excess, in the face of horrendous budget cuts in education, it's easy to see how misplaced our priorities have become.

Nicholas Noel III, Easton, Pa.

When is the NCAA going to start acknowledging the disparity in amenities and resources in college athletics? To think that it's not an unfair advantage for schools like Oregon to have access to Phil Knight and Nike's lavish spending, while others do not, is naive at best.

Joe Doney, Jacksonville

All-Star Ego

S.L. Price's feature on Alex Rodriguez (The Last Days of A-Rod) is one of the best articles I have ever read. People often forget about Rodriguez's talent and that he was once one of the best players in baseball. Unfortunately, he let his desire to be the it guy get the best of him.

O. Adam Cruz, St. Louis

I have no doubt that A-Rod looked at himself on your cover, read the article and thought, "SPORTS ILLUSTRATED thinks I'm still all kinds of gorgeous, even at 38." The guy is so obviously in love with himself that nothing else truly matters to him, not even the game of baseball, his legacy or his own integrity. Given all that, his behavior is not surprising.

Jack Kindred, Seattle

A-Rod makes me realize how much respect I have for the guys who played fairly, without the use of PEDs.

Mark Liptak Chubbuck, Idaho




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Who should be the Jets' starting quarterback in Week 1?

Craig Jackson Geno Smith [7]. Mark Sanchez [6] reminded us of his penchant for making big mistakes with that interception on the first drive in the Jets' preseason game last week.

Casey Otero Greg McElroy [14] is the best of the three QBs for the Jets. Smith should be the one backing him up.

Alex Yurcaba It'll probably be Sanchez, just because of the finances the Jets have invested in him. However, four years ago Sanchez was a rookie and was given the nod over a struggling Kellen Clemens.


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Lee Westwood (@WestwoodLee)