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A Whole Lotto Fun

Diamondbacks pitcher Wade Miley is making $500,000 this year, but that doesn't mean he can't use a little walking-around money. So every Sunday he and the team's mental-skills coach, Peter Crone, buy lottery tickets and bring them to the clubhouse. Last weekend Miley hit the jackpot, scratching off a ticket worth $10,000, which sent him into a raucous celebration. One problem: It was all a setup.

Crone and relief pitcher J.J. Putz had been talking for a while about convincing Miley he'd won. They had pitcher Will Harris pick up a fake ticket at a novelty shop. And they made sure plenty of teammates were on hand to see—and record—Miley's reaction. "They set me up," Miley told "Now the whole world knows."

But not immediately. Before the video hit the Web, Miley took the fake ticket and ran the same prank on his brother.