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FOR AUG. 12, 2013

I still do not understand why the Redskins' medical staff didn't pull the plug on Robert Griffin III's season after it was obvious that he was severely injured. It is the team doctor's responsibility to disqualify a player from participation when he is at clear risk of making an injury worse. The idea that the player should decide whether he can play, regardless of his injuries and diagnosis, is absurd.

D. Thompson McGuire, M.D., Bangor, Maine

The Hurt Locker

Your article on RG3 (You Gotta Play Hurt) describes how injured players often take a shot of painkiller in order to get back on the field. This is a perfect example of the hypocritical attitude sports leagues have when it comes to banning steroids. If players can take drugs that alleviate pain and allow them to return to the game faster, they should also be able to take drugs that assist in strengthening their muscles and helping them to heal faster.

David Wilson, St. Louis

Unfortunately, the you-gotta-play-hurt philosophy isn't prevalent only at the collegiate and professional levels. My 13-year-old daughter plays kickball and volleyball and also swims. She hyperextended her right knee while swimming the breaststroke in June, but initially we thought she had torn her ACL. Once we learned there was no tear, the pressure for her to return to kickball this season became intense. Her physical therapist has yet to clear her, but I still keep hearing, "We need her. She's our star pitcher!"

Kristin Seed, Indianapolis

Hard Knocks

In your caption next to the picture of Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig (LEADING OFF) the question is posed, "Is it possible to play the game too hard?" Anyone who remembers Brooklyn Dodgers outfielder Pete Reiser would answer with a resounding, Yes! Reiser was batting .356 during his third season, in 1942, when he hit the wall face-first at full speed in St. Louis, suffering a concussion. In a later game he was temporarily paralyzed after a run-in with the wall, and following yet another crash later in his career he received last rites at the ballpark. In all, Reiser was carted off on a stretcher 11 times in 10 seasons.

Michael H. Keedy Alamogordo, N. Mex.

What's in a Name?

Steve Rushin probably should have left the Baby Ruth bar off his list of foods named for athletes (POINT AFTER). In 1921 the Curtiss Candy Company claimed that its creation was named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth, and not Babe Ruth—despite it being three decades since Cleveland left the White House and 17 years after his daughter died. Still, the company successfully avoided paying the Babe any royalties.

Collin Agee, Falls Church, Va.

Peyton Manning will win back-to-back Super Bowls, retire, and then he and Wes Welker will walk into the Hall of Fame together.

Paul Cunningham Manchester, N.H.




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Can the Broncos win the AFC West if they are without All-Pro linebacker Von Miller for six games?

Joshua Blanchard They should be fine to win the division if he is suspended that long. As for the conference, they have the Patriots and the Texans to deal with. Different story.

Andrew Carpenean After watching them lose 40--10 to the Seahawks in the preseason, I think they have a lot more to worry about than Miller.

Adam King No Miller or Elvis Dumervil [now with the Ravens] = pocket protection comfort for opposing teams.


"If I'm A-Rod, I charge the mound the next time I get hit. What are they [MLB execs] going to do, suspend him?"Mark Feinsand (@FeinsandNYDN)