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I am thrilled to finally see the Pirates succeed. I remember growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1980s, when my school offered any student with good grades an opportunity to see the Pirates play. Not surprisingly, a lot of kids declined because the team was so god-awful. I imagine the response is very different for a promotion like that today.

Jodi Perriello, North Attleboro, Mass.

Buc the Trend

I enjoyed Lee Jenkins's article (Welcome to the Bandwagon). For years being a Pirates fan was like being that awkward family member others deny being related to. Thankfully the prospect of a winning season is no longer a thing of the past.

Lauren Barney, Pittsburgh

One of the reasons people have started joining the Pirates bandwagon is because of stars like centerfielder Andrew McCutchen, who came up through the farm system. Fans like to form a connection with a team's young players and watch them mature.

Yehuda Avner, Teaneck, N.J.

Mixed Signals

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said he wants his "kids to take responsibility for what they've done" (SCORECARD) when referring to quarterback Everett Golson, who was suspended for the fall semester for academic misconduct. But what about his other QB, Tommy Rees, who was suspended only one game last season after being arrested for an altercation with a police officer and who later pleaded guilty to resisting law enforcement and illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor?

John Daly, Davenport, Iowa

Hearty Decision

Bobby Valentine landed the perfect job with Sacred Heart (POINT AFTER): working at a small, self-contained university that is not in the spotlight and where he can no longer annoy the masses with his enormous ego.

Rick Bueti, Chappaqua, N.Y.

Blowout for the Ages

In GO FIGURE you noted that Georgia Tech's 70--0 victory over Elon was the largest winning margin for an ACC school. While that's true, it's not the largest margin for a current member of the ACC before the school joined the conference. On Oct. 7, 1916—37 years before the formation of the ACC—Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222--0.

David Parrish, Tierra Verde, Fla.


Last month I wrote a story for about Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson. One of Thompson's quotes from that story was used in David Epstein's article on the science of southpaws (SCORECARD, AUG. 26), and I was not credited as the source.

Michael Grange

Senior writer, Sportsnet Magazine

If I were a [Pirates] fan, I would still hold my heart in my hands.

Matthew Tocchini Seward, Alaska




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Who was the biggest loser from NFL Week 2?

Bill Kirby The Redskins' coaching staff. Robert Griffin III has come back way too early. They need to let his more than capable backup, Kirk Cousins, do his thing while easing RG3 back into the offense.

Geoff Baker The Redskins' defense.

Kimberly Taraba The 49ers. Their performance against the Seahawks was far from stellar, and I think a lot of their weaknesses were exposed.

David Filipi The Vikings. In one play they went from being 1--1 and tied for the division lead to being 0--2.


Jets would be better off with Vladimir Putin at left guard. At least he's got a Super Bowl ring.

Peter Botte (@PeterBotte)



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