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It's a shame that the Jayhawks chose not to continue the Kansas-Missouri rivalry. Despite the fact that Mizzou left the Big 12 for the SEC in 2012, there is still precedent to keep the Border War going. The officials at Kansas should ask themselves this question: Will a nonconference win over a team like Louisiana Tech or Florida Atlantic feel anywhere near as good as a win over Missouri?

Sam Broh, St. Louis

Banned of Rivals

I want to thank Mark Godich for his excerpt from what looks to be an excellent book on the Missouri-Kansas rivalry (The Best Day). Rivalries are a part of the lure of college football. As a Mizzou alum I wish the Tigers could still end the regular season against the Jayhawks, as I am sure a lot of Aggies would still like to be in the Big 12 to play the Longhorns. There was a love-hate relationship in both rivalries that will surely be missed. It's a shame how conference realignment and contracts have ruined these storied traditions.

Alan B. Hatfield, Houston

Getting Snippy

While I love baseball, I hate the beards that the players grow throughout the season (The Hirsute of Happiness). The Red Sox look like a bunch of bums with all of that scruffy facial hair. These guys make millions of dollars, so the least they could do is to look and dress professionally. While I am no fan of the Yankees, I do like their no beards policy.

Mark Placko, Oregon, Ohio

Hidden Fees

I really wish Michael Rosenberg hadn't devoted so much time lamenting the plight of the "poor and underprivileged" college athlete (SCORECARD). I will never be able to accept Arian Foster's reasons for accepting money and "illegal tacos." I have two sons, both of whom were college athletes, and they too got hungry. Unlike Foster, however, they followed the rules and took out additional loans to supplement their income.

Randolph G. Bias, Austin

If collegiate athletes should be paid, shouldn't they also be eligible to be traded, be eligible for arbitration on their salaries if they want more money, and be eligible for free agency?

Joe Miegoc, Carbondale, Pa.

Misplaced Goals

The NHL wants more scoring? The league should be careful what it wishes for (How Do You Beat These Guys?). The most exciting part of the game is late in the third period when the score is tied, especially if it is 0--0. Hockey fans love the intensity of overtime, which has become the most gripping minutes in sports. Altering the game to increase goals will water down play and create fewer overtime opportunities.

Steve Flatow, New York City

Give the Crosbys and Ovechkins more space to play. With Olympics-sized rinks, fans would flock to see them score.

Karl Koller Cohasset, Minn.




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How many points do you think Peyton Manning and the Broncos will put up against the Jaguars?

Rich Petitt They could probably put up 100, but I'm guessing 60.

Joseph Scarborough 49 at the half. Manning won't play in the second half.

Julie Short Let's go with 84. Three TDs a quarter!


After getting stuck in the bathroom stall at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Capitals forward Joel Ward took to Twitter to seek help. He was later freed by teammates Karl Alzner and John Carlson.

Stuck in the washroom ... someone help? #Dallasproblems #OmniHotel #Validexcuse