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The Presidents Cup, 1994--2003

Interest in the Presidents Cup died on Sunday after a four-day struggle with dispassion complicated by the MLB playoffs and a bad case of pigskin. A match-play event that pits the U.S. against a team of (non-European) Internationals, it was born in the imagination of PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and reared in the marketing department. In its 10th and most recent occurrence, the U.S. won for the eighth time, including five in a row. The 2003 tie was a high point. Enough said. The competition is survived by its forebears, the Ryder Cup and the Walker Cup, and its loopy sister, the Solheim Cup, and will not be missed by any U.S.-born PGA Tour player who has experienced it. The Presidents Cup will bore South Koreans in 2015.