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The actor and comedian, USC class of 1990, donned a Trojans warrior costume this month and led the marching band at a Cancer for College event. Two days later he announced the Dodgers' starting lineup in the NLCS.

DAN PATRICK:How was leading the marching band?

WILL FERRELL: That was an emotional experience. I'm the first nonstudent to ever lead the band.

DP:There was a gladiator feel to it.

WF: You're all dressed up. The band's playing. You have no underwear on.

DP:Do you get to keep the uniform?

WF: Every other weekend—like a child-custody thing.

DP:Serious question. What was your reaction to Lane Kiffin getting fired?

WF: A lot of people, at least in my circle, we felt bad for the guy. I saw that someone purchased billboard space celebrating the fact that he was fired. That being said, I hope [new coach] Ed Orgeron hangs around just so we can hear him in his postgame press conferences.

DP:What's he sound like?

WF: He's fantastic. [In a thick Cajun accent.] "We took the team to a movie. We took 'em to see Captain Phillips, even though it was written by a Bruin. We had a good time. We ate a lot of chocolate-covered almonds. We gonna change practice up. We gonna let the defensive linemen wrestle alligators. We gonna throw some voodoo magic in there, a lot of chicken blood and amulets." Things like that.

DP:Sounds a little like Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy.

WF: With a little Redd Foxx and a little Sling Blade.

DP:There were reports that a booster called Tony Dungy about the USC vacancy. Was that you?

WF: I did. Multiple times. [Athletic director] Pat Haden was not happy with me. But I said, "Listen, buddy, who's more famous, you or me?" And he had to give it up.

DP:Who do you think should be the next coach?

WF: A lot of names are being thrown out—[Washington's] Steve Sarkisian, Mike Riley at Oregon State, maybe Jon Gruden. The guy I like, and he's from the pro game, which you gotta have these days—Bernie Bickerstaff.

DP:He may be available.

WF: He was 4--0 before Mike D'Antoni took over the Lakers. He had 'em rolling.

DP:Your reaction to Dwight Howard leaving L.A.?

WF: It wasn't working. When he left, it was like, Let's just rip the Band-Aid off.

DP:Are the Lakers in trouble?

WF: I just feel like Kobe's kind of at the end here. We have to get ready for a couple of lean seasons.

DP:Can you jump ship to the Clippers?

WF: No way. Never.

DP:Does your wife ever say, Will, why do you always take your clothes off on film?

WF: My wife likes to buy new shoes. That's what Papa's gotta do.

DP:Have you thought about cutting back on nudity?

WF: I don't intend to. It just seems to happen during the course of filming.

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