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Congratulations on the launch of Sports Illustrated Longform. Thomas Lake's feature on Speedy Cannon was a great example of outstanding storytelling, manifested through words, photos and video. I've always enjoyed reading Lake's articles, as he is a talented author who has continued SI's tradition of writing excellence.

Gary Piccirillo, Auburn, N.Y.

Doubt of the Benefit

Lake's article (SI DIGITAL) was well-researched and superbly written. Nevertheless, I am always taken aback by how people often give others the benefit of the doubt, especially on issues of discrimination, based on the notion that they are "good people" who couldn't possibly do anything heinous. I have never had any experience with the people of Wellborn, Ala., so I am unable to give a definitive assessment of the city's culture or the racial tensions that have existed there over the years. Still, to give anyone the benefit of the doubt based on the idea that someone is "too good" is a bit naive.

Robert Bracy, New York City

The vintage films of Cannon were chilling. It was as if I were watching the ghost of a player on the brink of the NFL.

Michael Henry, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Beard Cheered

In response to reader Mark Placko (MAIL), who thinks the Red Sox should look and dress professionally, I have two words: Lighten up. These guys aren't working on Wall Street. They're a team of young men playing a game. Besides, how did that no-beard policy work for the Yankees this season?

John TenBrook, Wilbraham, Mass.

More MVPs

While I respect Joe Sheehan's right to voice his opinion about why Andrew McCutchen should be the National League MVP (SCORECARD), it's obvious the award should go to the Cardinals' Yadier Molina. He is the best catcher in baseball and his value to St. Louis is immeasurable. To give the award to McCutchen would merely be a feel-good gesture to honor the fact that the Pirates finally made the playoffs.

C. John Turnquist Magnolia, Texas

Sheehan's dismissal of Paul Goldschmidt as a viable NL MVP candidate is confusing. If you compare Goldschmidt's stats with McCutchen's in 16 offensive categories this season, Goldy outperformed him in many of them, including all of the power stats. Goldschmidt hit 15 more home runs than McCutchen and had 41 more RBIs. On defense McCutchen had a 98.2% fielding percentage in the outfield, while Goldy's was 99.7% at first base.

Ron A.P. Whiteman Tucson

As a grade 10 student in Ontario, Andrew Wiggins was the best player I have ever seen in my 40 years of coaching high school basketball.

Steve Pettit Halton Hills, Ont.




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Where will Carmelo Anthony end up if he tests the free agent market next season?

Chenoa A Angela Golden State. Anthony with Stephen Curry? That would be sick.

Spencer Goldsmith In L.A. with the Lakers. They don't play defense there.

Jake W. Acord He wants to go wherever the King [LeBron James] goes.

Don Perkins Jr Didn't he already whine his way out of Denver?


I do pray for you unhappy, s***-slingers... who wants to live on a planet with those who don't like themselves... we want happy, kind people:)

Jim Irsay (@JimIrsay)



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