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Tom Verducci's suggestion of a Bonus At Bat to right baseball's ills is the worst idea I have ever heard. The problem is the pace and length of games. There is still plenty of offense in the big leagues, and most fans see nothing wrong with a pitchers' duel. If anything, MLB should give the umpires the power to force the batters into the box quicker and make the pitchers throw the ball instead of stalling.

Robert Bertram, Weston, Fla.

A Little Too Crazy

The Bonus At Bat (Gone Crazy) is a great way to create more excitement, but the concept has a flaw: The opposing team can choose to intentionally walk the bonus batter. Why not have a rule making the bonus batter exempt from being walked, regardless of the number of pitches thrown? This would force the pitcher to throw strikes and the batter to make a legitimate play on the ball.

Bill Sherman, Evanston, Ill.

With all due respect to Verducci, I found this year's Series as thrilling as any I have watched, dating back to 1966. The game strategy used by both the Cardinals and the Red Sox had my heart bursting with excitement. Nevertheless, one of the main reasons the games seem to run too long, especially during the postseason, is because they start too late.

Gary Weinstein, Syracuse

To compare the time taken to play postseason games in 1906 to ones played in present day, without mentioning the delays caused by TV commercials, is ridiculous.

Jerry Soifer, Corona, Calif.

Tried and Not So True

I can't believe Andy Staples allowed Everett Golson to make the typical apology/nonapology in his explanation of why he was suspended by Notre Dame (SCORECARD). Golson seemed to want credit for apologizing, while never coming clean as to what exactly he was sorry for. The situation did not speak for itself, as Golson claimed, because he never stated what the situation was.

Jeff Ferre, Riverside, Calif.

Even a longtime Notre Dame hater like myself can appreciate the way in which the university put academic integrity ahead of athletics with regard to Golson. It's encouraging to see a big-time program make such a tough decision with one of its star athletes.

Nathan Hardiman Summerfield, N.C.

Pursuit of Happiness

As a person who recently lost a family member to Alzheimer's, reading about John Plankinton's struggle (POINT AFTER) struck close to home. His wife, Evie, and daughter, Robin, are heroes in my book, as caring for someone with Alzheimer's is never an easy task. I'm glad soccer is still able to give Plankinton some happiness.

Troy Arnidis, Atlanta

The NCAA has strict rules about boosters influencing athletes, yet it's O.K. for Oregon and Stanford to have multimillionaires "induce awe in teenagers" with grandiose athletic facilities?

Victor Druten

Shawnee, Kans.




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Which is the better team right now? No. 1 Alabama or No. 2 Florida State?

Lance Shirley

Alabama. It's not even close. Most people just say otherwise because they're tired of Bama being on top. They just want someone, anyone, to take down the king.

Jeremy Handrinos

Florida State. FSU and QB Jameis Winston have averaged 52 points this season (compared with Bama's 40.8) and beaten two top 10 teams, Miami and Clemson, by a combined 92--28.

Dan Meade

Which has won 21 straight games???? [No. 3 Ohio State]


Showering. [Water is] not hot enough. Turns knob 1/16 of an inch and Satan himself pours out of the shower head and licks your back seductively.

Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett (@ddockett)







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