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Century Marksman

Take note BCS powers, little guys can run up the score too. Jack Taylor, the 5'10" guard from D-III Grinnell, who scored 138 points in a game last November (The Loneliest Number, Dec. 31, 2012), scored 109 in a 173--123 win over Crossroads College on Nov. 18. The opponent was again a fledgling program from a tiny school: Crossroads has 100 students; Faith Baptist Bible, 2012's victim, has 250. Taylor made 35 of 70 shots (24 of 48 threes) in 29 minutes, compared with 52 of 108 (27 of 71) in last year's outburst. His coach, Dave Arseneault, was accused of rigging the game plan to make headlines, letting Taylor remain upcourt so he could be fed easy baskets whenever Grinnell's press forced a turnover. Said Taylor, "I'm thankful for the program and the people I have playing with me."