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I want to thank Seth Davis for his wonderful story on Andre Dawkins. Speaking up about his depression after the loss of his sister is not only cathartic but also good for the sports community. It took tremendous courage for Dawkins to step away from the game to properly heal, and I think his openness about that sets an excellent example for kids to not be afraid to speak up about emotional issues.

Jesse Summers, Sonoma, Calif.

Coaching Counsel

I found Mike Krzyzewski's approach to Dawkins's personal issues (Shades of Blue) a bit callous. While I understand the need for tough love, it almost felt as if Krzyzewski was casting aside Dawkins because Dawkins's game was flawed and no longer of any use.

Elroy Willoughby, Little Rock

Bully Pulpit

Trying to rationalize the hazing and alleged bullying of Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin by saying it's tradition and part of the NFL culture (SCORECARD) doesn't make sense. You don't build teamwork and earn respect by humiliating and degrading your teammates, whether it's in a locker room, fraternity house or office. It's not fun when a person is made to feel foolish, embarrassed or, in some cases, is physically harmed. What kind of message does this behavior send to kids who look up to athletes and consider them role models?

Jerry Schwartz, Alpharetta, Ga.

While I would never condone the type of behavior Richie Incognito allegedly engaged in, I just cannot understand how a grown man who claims he is being treated harshly just walks off his job without ever standing up for himself.

Rod Evans, Houston

The Brothers Johnson

In your blurb about Purdue basketball (Filling in the Brackets), you mentioned that Ronnie and Terone Johnson are not related. In fact they are. Ronnie and Terone are brothers who played at North Central High School in Indianapolis.

Steve Sittler, Nappanee, Ind.

Dumbing Down

I agree with Steve Rushin's assessment that America is willfully getting dumber (SCORECARD). It's one of the reasons instruction manuals these days are mostly full of pictures instead of text. It's also the reason that the bottles for my prescription refills read, TAKE ONE PILL IN MOUTH. I guess I should be thankful for those instructions in lieu of the other options I was considering.

Larry Sleep, Santa Barbara

If anyone needed more evidence of our society's celebrating its dumbness, all one would need to do is look at the photo from the Buccaneers story on page 35. A fan is boastfully holding a sign that reads, NO WONDER YOUR 0--8.

Rich Zanelli, Avalon, Calif.

I think it's very daring of SI to predict that seeds 1 through 4 in each region will reach next year's NCAA round of 16. Not even one upset?

Bob Youngerman Brevard, N.C.




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Derrick Rose's season is over after just 10 games because of another knee injury. Is his career in jeopardy?

Alex Verkley He better learn how to shoot. No way will he come back with the same explosiveness he had before.

Mitch Gray He's become the Greg Oden of point guards.

Randy Hoopes Time [for the Bulls] to cut their ties. I'd trade him and pray to get something in the draft.


Alex Rodriguez denies PED use? According to an ancient elementary school proverb, Alex Rodriguez's pants are on fire.

Play 60 Kid (@NatePlay60)



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