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Double Dogs

Twelve months ago Ishpeming High, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, won SI's inaugural Underdogs competition. The Hematites were featured in the 10-video series because they had a kicker, Eric Dompierre, with Down syndrome, and viewers voted the profile of their program the most compelling. Lending a storybook element to the tale was the fact that a week before the vote, Ishpeming won the Division 7 state title.

Last Saturday the Hematites beat Loyola High 22--12 at Ford Field to repeat as state champs. And though it'll be a while before anyone calls them underdogs again, the victory did have a certain David-and-Goliath feel. One of the pivotal plays was a sack on a two-point conversion try by lineman Jordan Tousignant—who weighs all of 148 pounds.

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