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While it is undeniable that Brady versus Manning continues to be a marquee matchup, let's not forget another quarterback rivalry that was one for the ages: Jim Kelly versus Dan Marino. In 11 seasons, Kelly and the Bills squared off in 19 regular-season games against Marino's Dolphins, with Buffalo winning 11 times. The teams also faced each other three times in the playoffs, and the Bills won all three games.

Brian Stack, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Track Star

Thank you for your article on Dario Franchitti (SCORECARD). Not only was he a tremendous driver and champion, but he was also an absolute gentleman off the track. He deserved far more recognition for his racing accomplishments than what he received.

Jed Owen, Kimberly, Wis.

In a Word

While I've always been a fan of Phil Taylor's writing, I find an odd contradiction in his logic regarding the n-word (POINT AFTER). Even though he says he doesn't use the n-word casually, he seems to accept the word's casual use by other African-Americans and people who are biracial. The word is offensive no matter whose mouth or tweet it comes from.

William F. Stevenson Severna Park, Md.

I get so tired of hearing people say that they cannot stand the n-word but who then turn around and say they found it funny and acceptable when comedians such as Richard Pryor used it or how they don't mind the word being used in poetry or a hip-hop song. You can't have it both ways. You either hate the word or you don't.

Dan Hendin, Wyandotte, Mich.

I am a 56-year-old white male who was raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee. I never heard the n-word growing up and I, myself, have never used it; I cannot understand others who do. Still, Taylor's column touched me. It made me think about my choice of words, what I say and how I say it. Like many, I have allowed my language to coarsen over the years; however, I now have a renewed commitment to cleaning it up.

Steven Kopischke Riverview, Fla.

Tide Pride

L. Jon Wertheim's story on AJ McCarron (Underrated) speaks volumes about the character of someone who appears to be a fine and truly likeable young man. McCarron has shown that he has the discipline and drive to be a great leader and that he appreciates his position of leadership.

John Haunschild, St. Peters, Mo.

I'm more impressed with McCarron the human being than the star quarterback. The compassion he showed toward fan A.J. Starr was heartwarming.

Andrew S. Marshall Hampton, Va.

I don't think "Bumminghum" has been uttered since Scarlett O'Hara inGone with the Wind.Anyone who has spent any real time in Alabama knows that it's pronounced, Bir-Min-Ham.

Kerry Andrews Pinehurst, N.C.




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Who was the biggest loser in NFL Week 13?

Ronald S. Trujillo The Redskins. They may end up with the No. 1 pick [in the draft] and will have to give it to the Rams.

David Reed The refs the league hires to officiate its games. Big losers.

David Joseph Moses The Bears' run defense. It was Adrian Peterson all day and the D had no answer.

Daniel Haddad The fans. Bad officiating, lackluster coaching and atrocious play. Not a great weekend to be an NFL fan.


James Dolan will fire [Mike] Woodson, trade [Tim] Hardaway Jr., take on more bad contracts and the Knicks will be back to the Isiah Thomas days again. WATCH

Slick Willy (@slickfiddy123)







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