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Matt Millen compared his refusal to quit as the Lions' general manager to his son's military service and his wife's work with abused prisoners as if he should be admired for showing some type of great honor. The three scenarios aren't even comparable. Millen's defiance was nothing more than a sign of greed and hubris.

Steven Abt, New York City

Lion Down

I'm surprised that Michael Rosenberg, in his article on Millen (The Seven-Year Glitch), didn't write more about how the Joey Harrington fiasco affected the Lions and how, despite that, Millen was still the second-highest paid GM in the league. While I have no doubt that Millen is a fine man, that alone does not lessen the anger over his long reign of incompetence.

Anthony J. Papalas Greenville, N.C.

Millen boasts that "worrying is not his style." Well, doesn't he worry about the impact on his wife, family and others when he does not wear a seat belt while driving or a helmet when he rides his motorcycle?

Art Feiveson, Silver Spring, Md.

Quarterback Rating

I'm sorry, but based on Tony Romo's poor performance in the playoffs, I still don't believe he is a standout quarterback (Why Ya Gotta Hate?). While he may be above average, he is playing in a league against the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, the Mannings and Ben Roethlisberger, who have a combined nine Super Bowl victories. Until Romo is able to perform better in the playoffs and win a division championship, much less a Super Bowl or MVP, he does not deserve such great applause and praise.

Luke Lecher, Cincinnati

Thank you, S.L. Price, for giving Romo his just due. His stats speak for themselves. If he played on teams that had as much talent as Troy Aikman's, I believe he, too, would be sporting Super Bowl rings.

Cliff Rossberg, Great Falls, Mont.

You want an underappreciated Cowboys quarterback? How about Danny White? He took the team to three straight NFC championship games (1980--82) and still got benched for backup Gary Hogeboom. Plus, White was also a pretty decent punter for the Cowboys.

Nuruz Rahman, Westbury, N.Y.


I took exception to Steve Rushin's essay on college football (POINT AFTER), in which he states that the mascots at Georgia and Yale are "the only bulldogs in history to swagger." He must have forgotten about Chesty, the mascot for the United States Marine Corps. No other bulldog in history has had more swagger or guts than Chesty.

Stella DeLosReyes, Amherst, N.Y.

Price has done what I thought was impossible: make a lifelong Giants fan show empathy for Tony Romo.

Jonathan Cobb Maplewood, N.J.




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The Steelers will lose a 2014 draft pick as punishment for Mike Tomlin's sideline misstep. Fair or too harsh?

Heidi Nicolle Brakken It's still not enough. What he did was intentional and he should have been suspended.

William Greaser It's just another case of the NFL flexing its muscles. Everyone is forgetting the refs' misstep in not throwing a penalty flag.

Bryan Dwyer How come the Jets did not lose a pick when their assistant coach purposely tripped a player during a game in 2010?


Last time SEC didn't win BCS title: iPhones didn't exist, gas was $2.24 and Jameis Winston was almost 12.

Jon Solomon (@Jonsol)



FOR DEC. 2, 2013