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S.L. Price's beautiful profile of Jack Pinto and the memory of the Sandy Hook victims (What We Lost) reinforces the true meaning of sportsmanship. Jack's love of sports and how it helped to connect his story with others and helped heal a town and a nation during tragedy is truly amazing. His legacy will be etched in my mind forever.

Daniel Feigin, New York City

Low Tide

I couldn't believe the scene that Lars Anderson described in his article on Bama fans (After the Fall) about the woman driving on I-85 who was forced to pull over by "flashing blue lights" to allow the Alabama team buses to drive by. What a waste of time and valuable resources. Makes you wonder if the privilege for athletes ever ends.

Richard Sloan, Naples, Fla.

After watching Auburn defeat Alabama in the Iron Bowl, I reread Anderson's Sept. 9 article, How to Beat Bama, and was amazed to find that the eight steps for victory that he outlined mirrored Auburn's successful game plan. Maybe some college football program looking to hire a new coach ought to give Anderson a call.

Jonathan Wolin Laguna Beach, Calif.

All in the Name

Austin Murphy's reference to the Redskins as "the NFL's Washington, D.C., team" in his story on Jim Harbaugh (Warrior in Khakis) needlessly injects readers with a dose of obvious political correctness that belongs elsewhere.

Robert Knickerbocker Sarasota, Fla.

I applaud Murphy for declining to use Washington's offensive nickname. While I am a proud, lifelong fan of the team, I take no pride in continuing to use a word that is hurtful to not only Native Americans but also to many others. It is immaterial that no offense is actually intended with its usage. Many people still find the name appalling and are indeed offended.

Carol Fontein, Arlington, Va.

Art's Steep Price

Michael Rosenberg's assertion that "only in sports does the act of producing art physically destroy the artist" is ridiculous. Sports is not the only place where people pay the price physically to do what they love. I recently spent 90 minutes trying to massage a knot out of my husband's shoulder after he spent hours performing surgery on a patient. I know musicians who have had career-ending tendinitis and graphic artists with carpal tunnel. And don't get me started on the myriad injuries suffered by dancers and people who do yoga.

Kimberly Duncan Annapolis, Md.

Given Winston Churchill's reported hatred of Indians and role in the Bengal famine, I think Harbaugh should look for someone else to admire.

Andrew T. Gamble, North Platte, Neb.




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What do you think about MLB's decision to ban home plate collisions?

Geoffrey Taylor Good decision. Safety first or open yourself up to concussion lawsuits like the NFL.

Adam Jerome Bakalars Lame. What's next? No tagging players out? Instead you politely ask them if they would like to step off the field?


A response to NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown's claim that "[Kobe Bryant] is somewhat confused about culture because he was brought up in another country so it doesn't quite fit [with] what's happening in America":

A "Global" African-American is an inferior shade to "American" African-Americans?? #hmm ... that doesn't sound very #Mandela or #DrKing sir

Kobe Bryant (@KobeBryant)



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