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I disagree with Michael Rosenberg's assertion that the BCS is giving fans what we want in its final year. Many of us were screaming while watching the Michigan State--Ohio State game, begging the Buckeyes to find a way to win, saying please do whatever it takes to keep the SEC out of the national championship . Hopefully next year's playoffs will end this manufactured love affair with the SEC.

Dan Head, Wooster, Ohio

Tigers Rag

To say that a one-loss Auburn team is better than a one-loss Michigan State team and should rightfully play Florida State for the BCS championship (The Final Run) is ridiculous. The Tigers benefited from a couple of miracle finishes to even reach the SEC title game against Missouri. They almost lost their home opener to Washington State and were outplayed in their 35--21 loss to conference rival LSU. The Spartans, meanwhile, were consistent all season, won every game by double figures except for their fluke four-point loss at Notre Dame and were undefeated in the Big Ten.

Brian C. Gura Redondo Beach, Calif.

Big O-Mission

While Kevin Love's stats are impressive (Love), I think you forgot someone when you implied that only four players have maintained similar numbers throughout an entire season: Oscar Robertson. During the 1961--62 season, Robertson averaged a triple double (30.8 ppg, 12.5 rpg, 11.4 apg). Kareem, Wilt, Elgin and Garnett were great, but let's not forget about the Big O's big stats.

Jeff Silberfeld Point Lookout, N.Y.

Honoring Mandela

I was overwhelmed by the class and dignity exhibited in your photo gallery honoring the memory of Nelson Mandela (LEADING OFF). It was great to be reminded of how sports can be used to create harmony and defy racial boundaries.

David Baron, San Diego

Steam of Rivals

Steve Rushin got it all wrong when he compared the sentiments between Boston and New York City (POINT AFTER). We may need each other, but we do not love each other. We love to hate each other. That's not to say that we can't take a step back and put aside our differences for the sake of compassion and respect. But we still hate each other.

Nick Fay, Kingston, R.I.

With the arrival of Nick Foles in Philadelphia, I'm convinced Santa Claus no longer holds a grudge against brash Eagles fans.

Angela Cordisco Moorestown, N.J.

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What do you think of the NFL possibly moving Super Bowl XLVIII to Saturday or Monday if the forecast is frightful in N.J.?

Alan McTaggart A game in the snow would be cool, but managing the city and the logistics of the game would be a nightmare. Plus, how are they going to have a halftime show?

Andrew Brien Throughout the rest of the season, football is played in almost any kind of weather. Why should the Super Bowl be any different?


First a bullying case, then fines for hard hits, and now RG3's dad wants to control the coaching situation. When did @nfl become @LittleLeague?

Matt Meinrod (@MattMeinrod)



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