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Comeback Kid


At first blush it seems like a ho-hum play. Austin Hatch, a senior, hits a three-pointer in the fourth quarter of a game that his team, Loyola High of Los Angeles, goes on to win 87--59. But considering what Hatch had gone through to get on to the floor, it was nothing short of amazing. The 19-year-old survived two plane crashes, in 2003 and '11, that killed five family members. Following the second crash, Hatch was in a coma for eight weeks. After recovering he moved to California from Indiana to live with his uncle Michael (above, with Hatch) and his family. Next fall he will attend Michigan, which will honor the scholarship offer Hatch was given before his injury. As for his bucket, Loyola was teed up for celebrating. But as coach Jamal Adams told the Los Angeles Times, "It was the best technical foul I've ever been a part of."