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The 53-year-old Strong was named coach at Texas on Jan. 5. He led Louisville to a combined 23--3 record in 2012 and '13, and was defensive coordinator on two national title teams at Florida.

DAN PATRICK:What's your office look like right now?

CHARLIE STRONG: Right now it's empty. I haven't been able to open up any boxes and get things out. I've just been going, going, going. It's been fun, but it's been a lot of work so far.

DP:Were there hard feelings from people back in Louisville?

CS: A lot of them understand. But there's always going to be hard feelings. Especially when you built something from the ground up.

DP:Was quarterback Teddy Bridgewater's decision to go pro a factor?

CS: Teddy didn't affect my decision. I had a great relationship with Teddy. We had enough people coming back; Teddy was the only player leaving off the offense.

DP:You're the first African-American coach of a men's team at Texas. How significant is that to you?

CS: You look across the country, and there aren't many opportunities given to African-American coaches. I look at it like this: We are African-American, but at the end of the day we are football coaches. You're going to get judged on wins and losses. But not many opportunities come to us.

DP:How upset are you by influential booster Red McCombs's saying, "It was a kick in the face" that you got hired?

CS: There's going to be statements made. You can't worry about that. You just move on. You have a job to do. You can't worry about what people say. I'm going to get judged by my work here.

DP:I would have been upset. It doesn't affect you?

CS: Once you win some football games, you're going to change a lot of people's attitudes.

DP:Those expectations are pretty high at Texas.

CS: They're high everywhere. You have to win. Anywhere you go people expect it. When I was at Louisville, we were 7--6 and 7--6. Then we went 11--2 and 12--1, and sometimes people think you should have gone undefeated.

DP:Blake Bortles and UCF came into Louisville and beat you. What do you think of Bortles as a pro prospect?

CS: I loved Blake Bortles out of high school. I recruited him out of Oviedo High right outside Orlando. He's an outstanding player, a physical player. I think he and Teddy both are going to be high draft picks.

DP:What did you do with all your Louisville gear?

CS: I have friends at Louisville I've given it to. It's a place you hate to leave because of the relationships I built there.

DP:Now you have to buy some burnt orange ties.

CS: They won't be hard to find.

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