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Words with Rob Riggle

The Daily Show alum is now part of the Fox NFL Sunday crew

SI:You've hosted the ESPYs. You're working on Fox NFL Sunday. Do you seek out sports comedy?

RR: I don't know what it is. I'm a sports fan and maybe that's what it is. They're like [assumes nasally producer voice] "Oh, he does comedy, he's a sports fan, get him to do this." Maybe I'm just super, super lucky. I'll go with that.

SI:As a Marine veteran you've said that you could very easily kill anyone who worked at The Daily Show. Does that apply to NFL Sunday as well? Because there are a lot bigger guys in that room.

RR: Not so much. Although I'm pretty spry, pretty quick. They're getting old, a little longer in the tooth. No, they could crush me like an ant. Maybe Jimmy [Johnson], if I snuck up behind him. But even then, he's a pit bull. I wouldn't want to mess with him.