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Grow Deep

If Kevin Grow doesn't have a Hollywood agent, he might consider getting one. Grow, an 18-year-old with Down syndrome, spent the last four years as the manager of the boys' basketball team at Bensalem (Pa.) High. During down time, Grow would shoot three pointers, and practice could not officially end until he hit a free throw. Last week Grow finally got a chance to play in a game: He hit a layup and a free throw last Friday evening—the video went viral—and got to start on Saturday, Senior Day. Grow hit a layup off the opening tip, then returned late to connect on four of five three-pointers and finish as the game's leading scorer (14). "It felt like a movie," Bensalem coach John Mullin told "It's one of those things that doesn't happen often. He's a gift from God."