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The 6'4" quarterback enters the NFL draft after leading Alabama to two national championships. Thanks to Brent Musburger's gushing during the 2012 BCS title game—"What a beautiful woman"—McCarron is almost as well known for his girlfriend, Katherine Webb.

DAN PATRICK:Have you graduated?

AJ MCCARRON: I have. I graduated in three years, so I've been done with school for a while.

DP:You must have had an easy major.

AM: Health and environmental science. It's not the easiest they offer, but it's not terribly bad.

DP:Why didn't you participate in the Senior Bowl?

AM: Starting three years in the SEC, your body gets a little banged up. I never got a rest. Also, after 49 games I don't feel like I need to prove anything else.

DP:Are you going to throw at the NFL combine?

AM: I don't know.

DP:Why not?

AM: I've talked to a lot of people, and there are a lot of mixed emotions. It's hard to get timing with guys you never worked with after one day of throwing.

DP:Who do you trust when it comes to evaluating your pro potential?

AM: I don't really listen to anyone.

DP:You have an agent?

AM: Right, but [Todd France] knows just as much as I do. That's any agent. Nobody can predict the draft, especially—as good as they say they are—[not] Mel Kiper or Todd McShay.

DP:What do they say about you?

AM: One day I'm not on the board. The next day I am. I think it's whatever side of the bed they wake up on.

DP:Do you think college football fans tired of you at Alabama?

AM: That's the way the world is. You get tired of the old stuff. When the new hot thing comes in, that's just the way the business is.

DP:Do you think you loosened Coach Saban up?

AM: Maybe, maybe not. It was just our connection—he's the only person who recruited me from Alabama. I earned his respect and trust. I was probably the only guy who could challenge him.

DP:Does your girlfriend, Katherine Webb, ever tell you to change your outfit?

AM: Of course.

DP:What do you do?

AM: Keep it on. If I like something, I'm going to wear it.

DP:Was Webb, an Auburn grad, in part happy that the Tigers beat you [this season]?

AM: No. Everybody thinks that just because she went to Auburn, she's a big Auburn fan. She knew absolutely nothing about football until my mom and everyone started teaching her.

DP:Do you care that she didn't know football?

AM: I like it that she [didn't]. And that she's learned. And that she's true to us as a couple. She's not like a lot of girls out there chasing cleats.

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