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Couldn't Hold

I read with great interest Michael Rosenberg's article regarding the 1989 NCAA national championship game between Michigan and Seton Hall (The Games of Their Lives), but I was dismayed that Rosenberg failed to mention one of the obvious reasons the Pirates lost the championship. Sure, the last foul called by referee John Clougherty was borderline at best, but Seton Hall coach P.J. Carlesimo all but gave the game away. With two minutes left in overtime, possession of the ball and a five-point lead, Carlesimo had his team stall instead of executing any type of offense. The Pirates never scored again. The coach who was so scared of losing ended up coaching his team to do just that.

Mike Ligon, Kent, Wash.

I have replayed that game in my mind for 25 years. Upon leaving the Kingdome that night, my friends and I felt as if something had been taken from the school and athletic program at Seton Hall.

Jack O'Leary Southborough, Mass.

Baseball Currency

We were very pleased to see the National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin (SCORECARD) featured in your magazine. Since its launch last month ago, the coin has been met with unprecedented demand. All surcharges from sales of the coins will benefit the HOF Museum in Cooperstown. While there are many ways to celebrate baseball—cards, autographs and souvenirs—we hope fans will see this coin as a lifelong keepsake that will inspire athletes and coin collectors of all ages.

Tom Jurkowsky Corporate Communications Director, United States Mint

Making the Call

Reading Alan Shipnuck's article on Tiger Woods's controversial drop at the Masters (The Drop) confirms what many golf fans have always thought: There are rules for Tiger, and then there are rules for everyone else. I actually gained some respect for people like Brandel Chamblee for daring to call him out, while losing respect for Tiger and everyone at Augusta.

Ernie Gustafson Escanaba, Mich.

If the PGA is looking to protect the integrity of the game, then tournament officials need to monitor all of their players equally. All shots should either be observed by an official in the video booth or simply left to what can be seen in real time.

Bill Drehmel, Woodbury, Minn.

It is absolutely ridiculous that someone watching a golf tournament on TV can contact a PGA official to report a violation. Then again, it would be pretty cool if I could call NFL referee Ed Hochuli during a game to tell him his crew missed a holding call.

Dennis Bronstein, Denver




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Is it time for MLB to award just one MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year award each season?

Chris Pribbernow The leagues are pretty different so there should be separate awards.

Jonathan Swegles I don't see two winners for major awards in the other sports. Why don't we just give everybody a trophy—or at the very least, a blue ribbon?

Dean Cooper No, not while pitchers in the National League still have to pitch to pitchers.

Dan Jackson Regardless, Miguel Cabrera would have still won the last two MVPs so it probably doesn't matter to him.

Noah G Jones IV I can see that happening if, and only if, the DH becomes a thing in each league.

Sam Whitworth No, because that would mean an NL pitcher would probably win the Cy Young every year.

Go Paolo If both leagues had the same rules, then, yeah.

Briggs Seekins Yes, since interleague play has now become the norm and is basically an all-season affair.

Jason Shourds Either way, how about MLB not dragging things out by waiting until two weeks after the World Series to hand out awards, when everyone has moved on to football?


Best/worst [Angel] Jimenez image: 2006 WGC World Cup in Barbados, I spied him strutting on the beach with stogie, pork pie hat ... and black Speedo.

Alan Shipnuck (@AlanShipnuck)

I'm not a parent but don't newborns want to sleep at home and not at nightly sporting events?

Paul Bissonnette (@ BizNasty2point0)

Since the @jaguars have so many quarterbacks coming in they should make it easy and have a armwrestling match #NFL

Shawne Merriman (@shawnemerriman)


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