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Long Legacy

Four years ago

San Francisco's University High cross-country coach Jim Tracy's battle with ALS (FACES IN THE CROWD, Dec. 27, 2010) inspired his exhausted top runner, Holland Reynolds, to crawl across the line at the state meet, clinching the Red Devils' record eighth California girls' title. (They've since won two more.) In the intervening years the community raised money for a trust fund in Tracy's name that paid for an apartment near campus, where two weeks ago, Tracy, 63 (above), died in his sleep. Holland's mother, Robin Hauser Reynolds, directed a 2013 documentary called Running for Jim, the proceeds of which go to ALS charities, and on June 1 the school will hold a memorial. Holland, a sophomore at Colgate, will be there to remember the coach whose brutal honesty was matched only by his belief in his team and the value of hard work. "Everything we did for Jim and he did for us, I know it's a legacy that will live on," she says.