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Kickin' Tunes

Music for the World Cup

A GLOBAL EVENT calls for a global celebration, and a global celebration calls for music. The sound track for the upcoming World Cup (One Love One Rhythm, released on May 8 by Sony Music Entertainment) includes a song by Aloe Blacc, 35, whose platinum single "The Man" was the official opener for this year's NFL draft. Blacc, a California native, sat down with SI to discuss soccer and "The World Is Ours," a mash-up he created with David Correy for the World Cup, set to a driving Brazilian drumbeat.

SI: How does it feel knowing this song will be heard in corners of the globe that iTunes and the pop charts don't normally reach?

AB: It makes me feel incredibly happy and hopeful. The song's potential to open the hearts and the minds of its listeners gives me a strong sense of hope. I believe, now more than ever, we must focus fiercely on treating each other like the brothers and sisters that we truly are.

SI: Are you a soccer fan or an overall sports fan?

AB: I do enjoy soccer, and I am a sports fan. At a young age my parents signed me up for soccer, and my father ended up as my coach. In high school I wrestled for a few years until my schedule was taken over by academics and music. I tend to root for my home teams but don't get fanatical about any one team.

SI: Your parents are from Panama. Do you follow the Panama national team?

AB: I follow the national team in the sense that I receive updates from my family. Since my time is dedicated to traveling, performing and spending time with my wife and child, I don't have much opportunity to follow them more closely.

SI: Without Panama in this year's World Cup (the team lost to the U.S. in qualifiers) who's your pick to win?

AB: I've made this prediction in the past, so I'll stick with it. I think Brazil will win the World Cup. They're a solid and complete competitor, and they have the advantage of being the home team.