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Out Look

A TV for all seasons

SunBrite televisions give you the freedom to enjoy all the action, literally in your own backyard. The 32- and 46-inch outdoor LED TVs are encased in powder-coated aluminum, allowing them to withstand high temperatures (up to 122°F) and completely resist rain, humidity, salt, corrosion, dust and even insects.

The displays are also thinner, lighter and brighter than previous models—meaning they look and act more like the TV in your living room. Make sure to bundle either with a SunBriteTV wireless HD transceiver. This weatherproof, universal wireless solution lets you beam full high-definition signals straight to your display from nearly any cable/satellite box, Blu-ray player, DVR or even game console—then control it all using the included remote. Now if they only weatherproofed that La-Z-Boy....