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The Hall of Fame pitcher recently took part in a reunion of the 1989 A's, celebrating the team's last title. But there were no happy reminiscences about the '88 World Series, against the Dodgers.

DAN PATRICK:How did you do against Derek Jeter?

DENNIS ECKERSLEY: What did I face him, four times? I don't think he got a hit.

DP:When was the last time you faced him?

DE: 1998.

DP:Did you think that Jeter was going to be this big a star?

DE: That's a tough call. Back in the day of the shortstops he wasn't the one with all the power. That was Nomar [Garciaparra] and A-Rod. And even [Miguel] Tejada. They were the sexy ones. This guy was the consistent one. Pitch him in, he fights it off. That's what they said when I first saw him. He's been doing it for 20 years.

DP:Most frustrating guy you ever faced?

DE: Probably Rod Carew. He'd take his little base hit. I didn't like the flick-it stuff. I didn't care if a guy tried to go bridge. He'd swing real hard. He might get you. But he's going to swing and miss a lot. Like Reggie [Jackson].

DP:How much fun was it to punch out Reggie?

DE: If you struck out Reggie Jackson, you didn't think you were the greatest pitcher in the world. He struck out 2,500 times.

DP:Who still reminds you that he took you deep?

DE: He may not remind me, but Kirk Gibson—he doesn't have to remind me. I was at the All-Star Game and I walked into this place, and they're playing the damn thing on the big screen. I'm like, This is the All-Star Game, not the World Series. I can't get away from it.

DP:What comes to mind when you see that clip?

DE: I think, Boy, that was a great moment. [Laughs.] Thank God we won the next year.

DP:That was a great A's team. Did you realize at the time that Jose Canseco would go on to have such a controversial career?

DE: He had an inferiority complex to beat the band. He thought everybody was against him. Everybody loved [Mark] McGwire and everybody hated [Canseco]. It bothered him.

DP:Did you know you were facing guys who were using PEDs?

DE: I was fairly clueless at the time. I finished in '98, and obviously stuff was going on before that.

DP:Do you think there are guys in the Hall of Fame who used steroids?

DE: I wouldn't be shocked.

DP:Why didn't you take PEDs?

DE: Because I didn't think it would help. I'm old school. I thought you had to be loosey-goosey. You didn't lift any weights. Little did I know how helpful it would have been. I'm glad I didn't do it, though. I'm in the Hall of Fame. I can sleep at night.

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