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Original Issue


Belated apologies to the fans of six notably triumphant teams who were snubbed from our cover

April 6, 1992

Duke's Christian Laettner famously downs Kentucky—and gets just one page in our MLB Preview Issue

July 4, 1994

Rockets edge Knicks 4--3 for first NBA title; get edged off cover by U.S. soccer hysteria

July 3, 1995

Devils scorch Red Wings 4--0, capture Jersey's first Stanley Cup, but Iron Mike bites their front page

July 20, 1998

France blows through Brazil 3--0, wins 1998 World Cup at home, and gets dissed with Mike Ditka cover

June 16, 2003

Devils raise Stanley Cup for second time in four years, but still no cover love

Jan. 4, 2011

UConn's women break college basketball win-streak record, with 89—but it happens in an SI off week