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After four years as a backup he went 3--0 in 2013, then tore his right ACL in Week 5 and watched Cleveland draft Johnny Manziel. Hoyer held onto the starting job and has an NFL-high 13.6 yards per completion for the 3--2 Browns.

DP:When did you feel like this was your job?

BRIAN HOYER: Ever since I played last year. We had some success, then unfortunately the injury occurred. I knew at some point I'd be healthy. I thought things would pick up where they left off.

DP:Do you think the media was rooting for Johnny Manziel to beat you out?

BH: I didn't pay much attention to it.

DP:How could you not? It was everywhere.

BH: Don't watch TV, don't go on the Internet, don't read the newspaper, don't go on social media. I knew if I could eliminate that from my life it would be one less distraction.

DP:What's your role with Manziel? Do you have to be friends?

BH: We definitely get along. Our relationship has grown. It's a great quarterback room. When you have to be with someone for 12 hours a day, five days a week, you better get along, or else it's going to be a long year.

DP:How was draft night?

BH: I only planned on watching until the fourth pick, and then we traded back. I was like, I'll wait until we make the next pick. When we drafted [cornerback] Justin Gilbert [at No. 8], I was like, All right, I'm going to go to bed. The TV stayed on, and as things went along, I was like, Hmm, I better stay up. Before they drafted him, [GM] Ray Farmer texted me and let me know, This has nothing to do with how we feel about you. I've trusted those guys all along. I believe in what they tell me.

DP:More likely: The Browns get into the playoffs or Michigan State gets into the playoff?

BH: Both likely.

DP:Come on.

BH: If you look at the Top 10, there's a lot of SEC schools that have to play each other. I'm so proud to be part of what Coach [Mark] Dantonio has built there. His first two years there were my last two. I feel like we set the foundation. I've known [Spartans QB] Connor Cook since he was in high school. To see him doing a great job is fun to watch.

DP:How would you describe your postgame dance after the record, 26-point comeback win against the Titans in Week 4?

BH: I saw [tackle] Joe Thomas in there. It looked like he needed some help. With all I've been through with the injury, competition, I just wanted to go out and enjoy it. You never know when it can be taken away from you.

DP:Joe looked good for an offensive lineman.

BH: There's a little stiffness in the hips with some of those moves.

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