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The Texans' defensive end imitated Titans rookie QB Zach Mettenberger's taking a selfie after one of Watt's two sacks in Sunday's 30--16 victory. Watt has had many chances to strike a pose already this season, with seven sacks and three touchdowns.

DAN PATRICK:Were you checking out Zach Mettenberger's Twitter account?

J.J. WATT: I'm not checking out anybody's Twitter account. Somebody in the locker room showed me before the game and said, Look, this is who you're playing against. We find motivation just about anywhere.

DP:Mettenberger had a few selfies last week. Which one bothered you?

JW: There was one from inside the locker room [before the game]. I'm thinking, The kid's head is not in the game. It's go time. I don't mind whatever he does during the week. But I told him after the game, he had a good game. He's got a chance to be good.

DP:You're only 25. You come off as an old man.

JW: I was a rookie once. People came at me. The reaction [to my selfie pose] has been funny. So many people have so many thoughts on the situation.

DP:How would you rate your dancing in the Verizon commercial?

JW: Not very highly.

DP:Did they tell you to dance like a white guy?

JW: Basically, yes. Not that my real dance moves are any better. But [the ones in the commercial] are definitely a little bit more choreographed.

DP:Which teammate crushed you?

JW: Nobody crushed me. They all understand. You work so hard. You want to have the opportunities to be in commercials.

DP:Would you ever do Dancing with the Stars?

JW: No. No.

DP:Most of the rule changes have helped the offense. What do you wish they'd give back to the defense?

JW: Just hitting in general. As a defensive player you love to be violent and play the game full-speed.

DP:Who was your favorite sack against?

JW: Every single sack is my favorite.

DP:Who is the QB you don't have, that you'd like to get?

JW: I don't even know who I have and haven't gotten.

DP:Did you get Tom Brady?

JW: Yes.

DP:Peyton Manning?

JW: Yup.

DP:None of them stand out?

JW: My first sack was against Drew Brees. That was pretty neat.

DP:Could you outrun [Texans rookie defensive end] Jadeveon Clowney?

JW: No way. He ran a 4.4 at the combine. Maybe with the ball in my hands after picking up a fumble. I was nowhere near a 4.4.

DP:What about a dunk contest?

JW: I could do a few dunks. I'm sure he's got a few moves there too.

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