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Tweetable Reviews

Four new releases in 140 characters or less

Bleeding Orange

by Jim Boeheim with Jack McCallum

Brings the old Big East to life in all its sharp-elbowed, wise-cracking, in-your-face glory. With steak and good wine, of course.


Made in America

by Chris Chelios with Kevin Allen

Unvarnished tales of binges, fights, feuds, friendships and injuring foes. He is in words as he was on ice—respected but detestable.


The QB

by Bruce Feldman

Detailed, technical breakdown of the modern QB with juicy inside stuff on Johnny Football, Trent Dilfer and the world of gurus.



by Bill Parcells and Nunyo Demasio

Thorough horse's-mouth retrospective with an all-star cast from Knight and Belichick to Bob Kraft, Jerry Jones, Wayne Huizenga.