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Even when Lauren Hill was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer in November 2013, shortly after committing to Division III Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, she still dreamed of playing college basketball. But in September she learned she had only months to live, and Hill, 19, feared she wouldn't make it to the Lions' opener against Hiram on Nov. 15. In an effort to help Hill achieve her dream, the NCAA granted a scheduling exemption, and the teams moved the game up to Sunday.

Hill scored four points—the first and last baskets—in a 66--55 win. "To touch this many people is amazing," Hill said on Fox Sports during the game. "We can get research going to cure this cancer. I won't be around to see that, but it's going to help so many people."

And she's not done yet. Hill added, "Let's not call this my last game. This is my first collegiate game."