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The foods behind Kevin Love's fitness

REFRESHING. THAT'S THE WORD Kevin Love used to describe life with his new team, the Cavaliers. The 26-year-old forward joined LeBron James and his merry men in Cleveland this off-season and, after six seasons with the Timberwolves, is dealing with championship expectations for the first time in his career—finally.

Already a prolific scorer and rebounder—Love once put up 31 points and 31 rebounds in a single game—the three-time All-Star has dropped nearly 25 pounds since adjusting his diet in recent years, in an effort to prepare his body for the grind of an 82-game schedule. "There's always something you can refine and get better at, and it's no different with your diet," says Love.

No doubt there will be occasions for Cleveland delicacies like Slyman's famous corned beef or a Polish Boy from Hot Sauce Williams, but for now Love is focused on staying fit, finding the fastest way to Quicken Loans Arena and figuring out how to complement the best basketball player on the planet.


Love often starts his morning with organic eggs or egg whites. After that, he tries to stick with fish and chicken. "I'm from the Northwest, so salmon's kind of our thing," says Love. "It's easy for your body to absorb and [helps] you build muscle. Grilled chicken is very lean; you can eat it in salads, wraps, sandwiches, as is...."


Love doesn't indulge in sweets often, opting instead for fruit. "I'm a big berries guy," says Love. "I try to mix in fruit [with my meals] two to three times a day. "


If Love could eat just one meal, it would be home cooked: "I don't eat much pasta anymore, but she makes a chicken fettuccine Alfredo that's legendary."


Love provides his body with a jolt of energy by consuming a concoction that includes apple sauce, jam and almond butter, washed down with a cup of coffee.


Love opts for his go-to staple of salmon fillet or white fish, veggies and a protein shake, foods that help with muscle recovery.


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