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Four new releases in 140 characters or less

The Civil War Rivalry

by Kerry Eggers

Chapter and verse on 120 years of Ducks-Beavers. A must for Oregonians. Who love football. And have a lot of free time.


Strong Inside

by Andrew Maraniss

Tale of Perry Wallace's integrating SEC hoops. Starts slow but brings to life the Civil Rights struggle in gripping, personal detail.


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Embrace the Suck

by Stephen Madden

First-person immersion into the CrossFit movement captures the ridiculous and redemptive, awful and awesome, of the trend/cult.


• Read a Q&A with the author at

The Keeper

by Tim Howard with Ali Benjamin

U.S. and Everton goalie unloads about career and growing up with Tourette's. Simple and blurby approach makes it very readable.