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The Clippers' 6'11" center is doing a star turn as the NBA's leading rebounder (14.7 per game) and shooter (71.6%), but he would have happily settled for a bit part in his favorite TV show.

DAN PATRICK:I heard you're a big Breaking Bad fan.

DEANDRE JORDAN: I am. I love Walter White. I really wish the show could have kept going.

DP:Would you have liked to have had a cameo?

DJ: Absolutely. Even if I died in the only scene I was in, it would have been really cool to be a part of that.

DP:What was it about the show that you liked so much?

DJ: It was such a twist. Seeing Bryan Cranston go from playing the dad on Malcolm in the Middle to Walter White, this drug-dealing guy who is going berserk, was great. All of the characters were funny to me.

DP:How well is Russell Westbrook playing?

DJ: He's playing amazing. It's really cool to see and really fun to watch one of your peers doing things like that and breaking all these records.

DP:If you could be any player in the NBA, not on your team, who would it be?

DJ: That's tough. Probably James Harden. He's playing great basketball, especially with Dwight [Howard] out.

DP:Did you see the video when Chris Paul freaked out at the end of a game when you had the ball and there was still time on the clock?

DJ: I saw the video. But at that point I really didn't see Chris yelling at me [to shoot]. I [finally] heard other people yell, "Shoot it!" and I shot the ball. But to make a case for myself, when I got the rebound and looked at the shot clock, the clock was stopped at 0.7, so I was thinking there was an error. I definitely got killed for it.

DP:It's like the big guy who is holding the ball and the little guy is jumping up trying to get it.

DJ: Yeah, that was funny. It was like I was playing keepaway from my son.

DP:Can Chris Paul dunk?

DJ: He can. Chris has had a dunk this season. I always want him to get at least two dunks every season to let us know he's somewhat athletic.

DP:How frustrating is it when you're intentionally fouled?

DJ: It was more frustrating when I was younger or a couple years ago. I was like, Why are they doing this? Let's just play basketball. Now I don't think about it as much. I just get up there and shoot the shot. If they go in, they go in.

DP:Shaq used to say he was great in practice at the line. Are you good in practice?

DJ: Contrary to popular belief, I am. I think it's more mental at this point. In practice or before games you knock down so many in a row. Then once you get up there during a game, there are other distractions.



ESPN's Jay Bilas has an issue with the NCAA's penalizing Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim for the actions of boosters. "If you're going to call Jim Boeheim a cheater over this," Bilas said, "then don't we have to be willing to call John Wooden a cheater after what went on with [UCLA booster] Sam Gilbert?" ... Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan is impressed with the Wildcats' depth. "They have the No. 1--ranked team in the country, Kentucky Blue," Ryan told me. "And the No. 2--ranked team in the country, Kentucky White. Their practices are pretty good." ... Wizards point guard John Wall wasn't exactly impressed after shooting around with President Obama. "He missed like seven or eight shots in a row," Wall said. He had to shoot a layup because kids were picking on him. Usually lefties have pretty form. His form is not too pretty."