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FOR MAY 4, 2015

Ironic that your Inbox section has letters about the "This Is What Domestic Abuse Looks Like" article (April 13) when on your cover and just about every other page, you glorify Floyd Mayweather, a domestic abuser. Shame on you and everyone else who supported this fight.

Michael O'Brien, Nags Head, N.C.

It was disheartening to see Floyd Mayweather on the cover. If people are serious about eliminating domestic abuse, stop buying tickets to these events.

Marlene Drozd, Las Vegas

I found it sadly ironic that positive feedback on your recent piece on Milton Bradley ran in an issue with Floyd Mayweather on its cover.

Brandon Becker, Kenosha, Wis.

I was looking forward to the Fight of the Century until I learned that Mayweather had pleaded guilty to or was found guilty of battery charges five times in the last 14 years. I would not spend a nickel to see him fight now, but I do hope that Manny Pacquiao beats the snot out of him.

George Jones, Mesa, Ariz.



Thank you for the excerpt from Pedro Martinez's book on the 2003 Red Sox. It was that squad, not the '04 team, that rekindled my love of baseball and reinforced my hatred for the Yankees.

Bobby Duke

Fredericksburg, Va.

Thank you for the fine article on Martinez and the Red Sox' collapse in 2003. It underscored Pedro's stature as a Hall of Famer. It also revealed him to be a Hall of Fame diva, as many Sox fans have long suspected.

John Kirby

Lubbock, Texas

Unbelievable--a pro athlete writing an autobiography that's neither sugarcoated nor apologetic. Martinez tells it like it really was. His honesty and down-to-earth writing is most refreshing. Chalk up another victory for the ace.

Mike Greene

Peoria, Ariz.




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