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FOR MAY 25, 2015

I enjoyed your article on NHL playoff overtimes; however, I am not certain that Bobby Orr can be credited with scoring the most famous OT goal in NHL history as Steve Rushin suggests. While Orr scored the winner in a Game 4 sweep against the Blues in 1970, the Red Wings remain the only franchise with a Game 7 OT winner—and they did it twice. Detroit left wing Pete Babando did it in 1950, against the Rangers and left wing Tony Leswick did it in '54 against the Canadiens.

Ken Glinter, Port Orange, Fla.

Over the years, your writers have produced many classic, laugh-inducing lines. Rushin's "Having sweat out several pounds, he looked like the love child of Jim Craig and Jenny Craig" to describe Predators goalie Pekka Rinne in a Game 4 triple-overtime loss to the Blackhawks is one of them.

Erik L. Riechers, Eugene, Ore.

Thank you, Jon Wertheim, for your excellent Dive Bombers story. It reminded me of Eugene Lindsey, a star diver at the Naval Academy (class of 1927) who went on to command the torpedo squadron on the USS Enterprise in the Battle of Midway in 1942. Lindsey led his squadron against four Japanese aircraft carriers on June 4. Only five of Lindsey's 14 planes survived the strike, and Lindsey himself was killed. Yet their attack brought the Japanese fighters down to lower altitude, clearing the way for the American dive bombers, which sank three Japanese carriers in five minutes, and turned the tide of the war in the Pacific.

Craig L. Symonds, Professor Emeritus, U.S. Naval Academy

Although it was a very good article, I have to disagree with Wertheim's statement that The Swoose is the second most famous plane from WWII. Most aviation historians, including myself, consider the Memphis Belle to be ranked at least second. The Belle, a B-17 bomber flown by Capt. Robert Morgan of Asheville, N.C., was the first to complete 25 runs over Europe and return without losing a crew member.

Dave Herron, Boerne, Texas


Steph Curry is a class act. Seeing a small town like Davidson, N.C., where Curry went to college and is mostly made up of Hornets fans, decked out in Warriors jerseys and rallying behind him, has been inspiring.

Jon Burnham, Terrell, N.C.

Being 7-feet tall obviously makes dunking and layups a walk in the park. Dribbling, passing and shooting, however, are fundamentals that have nothing to do with height, but still make basketball a better game to watch. Hopefully guys like Curry will become the norm in the NBA.

L.A. Ellis, St. Paul



I agree that a pitcher's 15-strikeout, no-walk feat should have a unique moniker. Let's call it either the "Peddy" or the "Randro" to honor Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson, who each did it four times.

Dan Haberman Davis, Calif.




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