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Jesus Is My Quarterback


TONY NATHAN would go on to a storied college and NFL career, but in 1973 he was just a high school running back battling racial tension in segregation-scarred Birmingham. In Woodlawn, Nathan calls on his faith and talent to bravely integrate the Woodlawn High program after an evangelist unites the team in a literal come-to-Jesus moment. Former Bama DB Caleb Castille provides authenticity as Nathan and a starry supporting cast (Jon Voight as Bear Bryant, Sean Astin—aka Rudy—as the evangelist) gives the film a glossy feel. Some might be turned off by the overtly religious message within, while others might be thrilled that the son of God is practically a credited actor in the film. Regardless of religious conviction, Woodlawn shares a universal truth: Winning is sweeter when you play for a larger cause.